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Walmart Registers Patent for Blockchain-Powered Drone Communication Platform

US retail titan Walmart has filed a patent application for blockchain-powered drone communication structure. The company was said to have submitted its application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in early August. 

According to the patent, the system encrypts and stores the drone’s operational framework. The data is then transferred to another drone, which then decrypts, interprets, and sets itself up to those specifications. 

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Transmisison

Basically, the vehicle-to-vehicle transmission system between the unmanned drones would broadcast messages, integrate communication chains, and permit machines to become aware of the other’s bearing and location. 

Walmart’s new application is just the latest patent the company has filed. The retail giant has been involved in patenting blockchain-based drone solutions since 2017. Back in May 2017, the company registered a patent with the USPTO for a system named as an “Unmanned Aerial Delivery to Secure Location.” 

The company has also collaborated with the American Food and Drug Administration and IBM to track and monitor pharmaceutical shipments using blockchain tech. 

Blockchain-based Crypto

Walmart has also made inroads into cryptocurrency. The Bentonville-based company also registered a patent for its very own blockchain-based crypto this month. 

The retail company isn’t the only firm working on drone tech. Back in 2017, IBM was reported to have submitted a patent for a system that would safeguard drone communications. The company designed it to enable blockchain technology to store and share data. 

IBM’s patent showed the company was planning to let validator nodes offer special permissions. For instance, it could decide whether a drone is permitted to fly in a particular flight sector. 

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