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Tech Giant Samsung Quietly Adds Bitcoin Support to Decentralized App Store

Tech behemoth Samsung has discreetly included Bitcoin (BTC) support to the Blockchain Keystore, the company’s decentralized applications store. 

BTC, Claytn and Kakao’s

As per the updated information shared on the Samsung Developers site, the Blockchain Keystore now supports BTC and Klaytn, Kakao’s just released cryptocurrency. 

According to the South Korean giant’s website, the Keystore is currently supported by six of its mobile devices, namely the Note 10, Note 10+, the Galaxy S10, S10+, the S10e, and the S10 5G. The app store also operates across several jurisdictions – South Korea, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Samsung launched its decentralized app store back in July. It was part of the company’s blockchain tech and DApp Software Development Kit (SDK) which helps developers with account management and facilitates payments, backups, and digital signature. 

DApp Jupiter and Mars

The Keystore only supported the Ethereum system initially, but Samsung recently expanded its SDK with a pair of new services. The company now offers the digital analytics DApp “Jupiter” and “Mars,” a peer-to-peer wallet. The former is AI-powered while the latter is based on a QR code. Both are integrated into the newer Samsung smartphone models, as well as the Galaxy S10. 

Samsung is just the latest tech giant jumping on the blockchain-wagon. Last year, Taiwan-based tech company HTC released the “Exodus,” a blockchain-backed smartphone. Meanwhile, Sirin Labs of Israel launched its own blockchain-powered smart device in late 2018. Unfortunately, the startup was allegedly forced to let go a quarter of its employees during the crypto bear market of 2018-2019.

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