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Shapeshift Follows Binance in Delisting Bitcoin SV, Kraken Set to Follow

Binance’s move to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) appears to have far-reaching consequences. Fellow crypto exchange ShapeShift has also dropped the cryptocurrency. What’s more, Kraken is reportedly deliberating whether it should do the same.

ShapeShift’s CEO Erik Voorhees recently tweeted that they “stand with @binance and CZ’s sentiments” and have decided to delist BSV from their ranks almost immediately.

The shocking news rouse the ire of several crypto community members. One likened ShapeShift’s action to that of PayPal dropping Wikileaks. The community member emphasized that the move “goes against what BTC stands for.”

Kraken is reportedly also mulling whether to delist BSV. The crypto exchange company had a poll asking participants their views on whether they should drop the currency or keep it on board for the purpose of price discovery.

Meanwhile, Binance has officially stated that it will delist BSV by next week. It also pointed out that the company only takes this action after a thorough review of the coin. It also said that they believe their decision will best protect their clients.

The delisting decision came days after Changpeng Zao, Binance’s CEO, warned BSV in a tweet that they would delist the coin because of its developer Craig Wright’s actions.

The tweet is said to be Zao’s reaction to Wright’s move against Hodlnaut, the Twitter user leading the Lightning Torch movement.

Wright had placed a bounty of $5,000 BSV for information about Holdnaut’s real identity. The crypto community on Twitter reacted by creating the hashtag #WeAreAllHodlnaut in a show of support for the account, which is now officially deleted.

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