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Ripple is a Major Employer in the San Francisco Bay Area

In a recent survey that involved 35 companies on the Good Place to Work (GPTW) list, Ripple (XRP) is the only blockchain and digital currency firm. Surprisingly too, Ripple is one of the best and most popular employers in the field of the technology industry. This record is specific for the San Francisco Bay Area.

XRP Office, San Francisco

Tech news publishing firm TechCrunch emphasized that companies have to fulfill their requirements with GPTW services such as ranking and certification. Moreover, in order to be listed, these companies must allow GPTW researchers to make a thorough physical assessment of the workplaces. In case the company cannot meet the requirements and the standards set by GPTW, then the place cannot expect to be certified or listed.

XRP 17th Best Employer

The recent survey listed the best small to medium-sized companies around the Bay Area. Ripple made it to the 17th position as a top employer. In fact, according to the survey results, 91% of employees of Ripple reported that Ripple is one of the best places to work at. At the same time, 95% of those surveyed claimed that they take pride in telling friends and family that they work at Ripple. Moreover, 96% said that the company allows them time off work if it is necessary. Also, 95% said the company welcomed them and instilled in them a sense of belongingness.

The survey’s big four companies turned out to be KPMG LLP and Deliotte, as well as Cisco, Adobe, and NVIDIA. The survey involved responses from over 30,000 employees in the Bay Area. They responded to 60 questions about their workplace environment, their daily experience as well as the effectiveness of the top officials.

Last month, Ripple and R3 grabbed the attention of CEO of SBI Holdings, one of the Japanese financial giants, Yoshitaka Kitao. Kitao said that Ripple and R3 are the reasons why people should stay positive about the bright future of the cryptocurrency industry.

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