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Craig Wright’s Petition for Judgment on Kleiman Case Denied by Judge

Embattled computer scientist Craig Wright’s motion for judgment in the Kleiman case has been denied by Judge Bruce Reinhart. Wright was said to have utilized a facial and factual attack to try and gain the sympathy of the court. 

A court decision issued on August 15 revealed that the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator launched a factual attack that claimed the court lacked jurisdiction on the subject matter. He also used a facial attack wherein he argued that the estate of the late Dave Kleiman failed to correctly establish the citizenship of the parties involved. 

Second Amended Complaint

The attacks were reportedly directed at the second amended complaint (SAC) the Kleiman estate filed against Wright. 

Judge Reinhart explained in his ruling that both Wright’s factual and facial attacks depended on his allegations regarding the membership of Kleiman’s company, W&K Info Defense Research.

According to the judge, Wright’s factual attack suggests that W&K had foreign members, and this destroys the diversity jurisdiction. He also said Wright argues that the SAC has language suggesting the Plaintiff’s are unsure of the actual owner of the company. 

Judge Reinhart

However, Judge Reinhart says the SAC directly stated that Kleiman was the W&K’s sole owner. He also noted that Wright himself admitted that he wasn’t a member or owner of the W&K. This led the judge to conclude that Wright failed to accomplish his burden of production for the attack. 

The court case between Wright and Kleiman’s estate has been ongoing since 2018. At the time, Kleiman’s family sued Wright for stealing the entrepreneur’s Bitcoins.

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