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Coinbase Wallet Users Can Now Use WalletLink to Access DApps on Desktop

Crypto exchange platform Coinbase has allowed users of its Coinbase Wallet to access decentralized apps (DApps) using any desktop browsers. The new feature was reported in a blog post recently published on the company’s official website. 


The blog post stated that Coinbase Wallet users can now use decentralized apps using WalletLink. The program acts as a conduit between the client’s desktop browser and the chosen application. 

Coinbase has reportedly finished testing WalletLink on Brave, the blockchain-powered decentralized browser. It was also tested on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. 

The crypto firm plans to extend support for more digital currencies and native mobile applications in the near future. 

Back in spring, the company launched a service to connect client accounts on its main platform to the Wallet app, where the user’s private keys and cryptocurrencies are stored. 

Coinbase isn’t the only company dabbling in DApps integration. The start of the week saw Huobi, one of today’s major crypto exchanges, add wallet support for Compound, an independent protocol for financial DApps. 

The Huobi Wallet is said to support both its digital currencies and its DApp, which is designed specifically for crypto lending. 


Tech giant Samsung also revealed this month its move to integrate a digital analytics DApp dubbed “Jupiter” in the Galaxy S10 and the latest versions of its smartphones. It will also add a QR code-backed password wallet named “Mars.” 

The South Korean company had previously announced that its DApp kit can be utilized for account management and backup, support for the Samsung and other cold wallet features, and facilitation of digital signature and payments. 

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