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China’s Internet Court Passes Judgment With Help of AI and Blockchain

Blockchain technology is now being used more often to settle court cases in China, according to local outlet Global Times.

During this year’s Forum on China Intellectual Property Protection, the president of Beijing’s Internet Court Zhang Wen revealed that the court utilizes technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain in rendering judgment. China’s Internet Court was created in 2018 and has successfully processed around 14,900 cases.

A Global Times feature said that Zhang shared with the news outlet how out of the 41 cases that were closed with the assistance of blockchain technology, most parties decided to settle instead of pursuing litigation with evidence provided by blockchain. He added that this underlines the technology’s social credibility in China.

Zhang also said that in 58 cases, blockchain was deployed to collate and establish evidence. He then claimed that in using AI as assistance in coming up with rulings, efficiency is given priority over accuracy. He pointed out that it’s ultimately up to the human judge to ensure the cases are given a fair ruling. But Zhang also said he can envision a time in the future when an AI judge will be sitting at the podium and rendering judgment.

The Internet Court has had several notable success with its adoption of blockchain. Last December, an Internet Court in Eastern China took advantage of blockchain to fight piracy at the cost of online writers. According to Wang Jiangqiao, an Internet Court judge, since blockchain technology ensures that data can’t be tampered with, “all digital footprints stored in the judicial blockchain system…have legal effect.”

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