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Blockchain Firm Blockstream Introduces Security Token Solution

Blockstream, a leading blockchain infrastructure company, recently introduced its security token platform.

According to a company press release, Blockstream’s Liquid Securities is a solution that businesses can utilize to release tokens on the company’s Liquid Network. It also explained that this sidechain is a settlement platform that connects cryptocurrency exchanges, market brokers, and different financial institutions. Liquid Network is also designed for quicker coin transfers and comes with built-in privacy.

Blockstream’s CSO on Tokenized Securities

Samson Mow, Blockstream’s Chief Security Officer, said that businesses are keeping a close eye on tokenized securities. He explained that while companies are amenable to giving tokenized securities, platforms like Ethereum are not the best choice for the job due to its privacy and scalability issues and limitations on reliability.

New Liquid Securities Platform

Blockstream argues that it’s Liquid Securities platform is a better choice. Mow claims that companies will have an easier time issuing Liquid-based token. A simple click of a button and security tokens are issued. The platform also allows for the creation of complex rulesets that complies with the regulatory needs of the business.

The new Liquid platform will reportedly have a user-friendly web interface, with businesses able to monitor and issue tokens at ease.

The Liquid Securities platform is set to be released with four partners – game studio Pixelmatic, Zenus Bank and platforms BnkToTheFuture and TokenSoft. The latter two respectively deal with investments and multi-blockchain issuances.

Blockstream has spent the year building its portfolio. Back in March, the company launched an improved version of c-lightning, its bitcoin scalability software. It reportedly has enhanced privacy features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

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