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5 Billion USDT Tokens Accidentally Minted by Stablecoin Operator; Coins Immediately Burned

Stablecoin operating firm Tether unintentionally minted 5 billion USDT tokens. The newly minted coins has since been burned. 

Reported By Whale Alert

The accident was reported by Whale Alert, a Twitter account that reports on large crypto transactions. It also noted that 50 million USDT coins were moved from exchange platform Poloniex to Tether’s Treasury. The transfer was conducted using the Omni protocol. The system is founded on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. 

It was after the revelation of the massive transfer that Whale Alert also reported Tether Treasury accidentally minting 5 billion digital coins on the Tron system. It also shared that the tokens were subsequently burned. 

However, Tether again minted another 50 million using the same chain. It then dissolved another 4.5 billion USDT tokens before finally transmitting 50 million Tron-backed USDT coins to a wallet that’s assumed to belong to Poloniex. 

Paolo Ardoino on the Issue

Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Tether, tweeted an explanation of the activity. He said the company meant to swap 50 million Omni-backed USDT tokens to Tron’s blockchain. However, there was an error with the decimals. 

Ardoino’s explanation was backed by Poloniex. The company tweeted that they were doing a USDT chain swap and was being assisted by Tether. And while the wrong USDT amount was accidentally created, the situation has since been resolved. 

Mistakes like this will only hamper Tether’s reputation. The company already had accounts associated with it shut down by the Metropolitan Commercial Bank in New York. A request was reportedly made last year to close the accounts and it was only recently that the bank took action.

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